Hss tooth shape circular saw blades

Technical instruction about how to choose the right tooth shape.

Tooth shape A

Is normally used on fine toothing (<3) for applications such as brass alloy cutting, jewelry and screw slotting.

Tooth shape B

Is normally used for thin-walled pipes and the cutting of structural shapes, especially where chip removal is not an issue.

Tooth shape AW

Unlike type A, is alternately bevelled, optimizing chip shredding. It is particularly suitable for precision cutting.

Tooth shape BW

Is primarily used for cutting pipes and sections. The tooth is alternately bevelled at 45°, breaking the chip in two and guaranteeing good chip evacuation.

Tooth shape C

Is used for solid sections or very thick pipes. The chip is shredded into three parts thanks to a finishing tooth without chamfer and a pre-cutting tooth (longer than 0.25 mm) with two chamfers on each side.

Tooth shape BR

Has been successfully introduced for cutting pipes. It has double the number of cutting edges and guarantees a higher number of cuts and a better finish to the section. It also improves tool live (by about 20%) because it reduces the removed section per each single sharpening.

Tooth shape VP

Variable pitch, is used to cut very irregular sections which cause severe vibration and noise. It guarantees softer contact and offers a good compromise between cut duration and reduced vibration.