Portable Lubrication System

Portable lubrication system that can be plugged-in the auto 24V AC or DC from your machine (fixed location) or on a 220V plug anywhere, allowing the maximum flexibility of use.
The ideal solution for bandsaw machines, circular saw machines, drilling machines and any other machinery that needs lubrification.

Code: PTLS01


Portable Steel box. Saplı portatif çelik kutu
Air dryer and manometer included. basınçlı hava kurutucu ve manometre dahildir
1,5 liters capacity tank. 1,5 litre kapasiteli yağlama tankı
Security floater that indicates if oil is missing and stop the machine automatically.
ECO MODE Function. ECO modu işlevselliği
Setting of the oil/air ratio depending on the application (thickness/hardness of the material to cut or drill).
24V and 220V operating voltage.


On request specific nozzles depending on the application:
- Band saw blades nozzle
- Circular saw blades nozzle

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Portable Lubrication System (PTLS01)

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