Smart Lubrication System

Fixed lubrication system specifically designed to be used in areas where setting change is frequently required.
The time settin is extremely simple thanks to two potentiometers.
Optionally it can be mounted to PLC control units.

Code: SMLS01


24V operating voltage.
Working pressure: 4 - 6 Bar.
1,5 liters capacity tank.
Security floater that indicates if oil is missing and stop the machine automatically.
Oil Amount Min. : 0,0012 ml
Oil Amount Max. : 0,028 ml.
Lubrification Range: 0,1 - 10 seconds.
Lubrification Time: 0,1 - 10 seconds.
Viscosity Range: 2 - 30 cst.


On request specific nozzles depending on the application:
- Band saw blades nozzle
- Circular saw blades nozzle

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Smart Lubrication System (SMLS01)

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